It’s easy to get caught up in the chaos of everyday life, but we all need somewhere to indulge in a little serenity from time to time. And what better way to relax than by reconnecting with nature in your very own tranquil late spring garden?

So whether you’re blessed with a sprawling garden, a petite patio, a breezy balcony, or a rooftop terrace, we’ve got plenty of inspirational ideas to help transform your outdoor space into a tranquil oasis this spring. There are many ways to create and style a garden to suit your needs and below are just a few ideas.

Choose a Colour Scheme

Muted tones and limited colour palettes are great for relaxing both your eyes and your mind. Try sticking to just a couple of complimentary colours in your tranquil garden design. Pastel colours and cool tones, especially blues, are scientifically proven to increase feelings of peacefulness, and spring green is another calming colour that is proven to lower blood pressure.  Adding pops of colour here and there to your garden will give it a dramatic impact, or perhaps you could opt for a flower-free foliage garden by mixing leaf shapes, textures and pattens to create a serene green monochromatic setting.  Of course, if you have a south facing garden you may want to take full advantage of this and use bold striking colours such as red, orange and yellow, mixed with silvery grey foliage you could re-create your own corner of the Mediterranean.

Consider Shape and Texture  

Smooth lines, soft shapes, and effortless transitions are calming when used with the right colour pallet. However, sharp corners and harsh lines do look great in an urban setting, softened with large green leaves such as those of Fatsia, the white trunks of birch and soft grey foilage of Stachys and Senecio. Select plants for their architectural shape and choose different proportions to add interest. Choosing natural materials like wood or terracotta for your planters, will help to soften your environment and give a more rustic appearance. For a bit more ‘zing’, we have splendid glazed pottery which brings a jolt of colour before even adding in the plants.

Remove Clutter 

As the old saying goes: tidy house, tidy mind, and the same is true for the garden. This time of year is, of course, the season of the spring clean, so clear away any winter debris, old rubbish, and unwanted items. Try to keep clutter to a minimum and consider using screens, trellises, or small hedges to conceal bins, garden tools, and other items which are useful, but not particularly beautiful to behold. Collection of fallen leaves can be composted and put to great use in the garden as a mulch once they have rotted down.

Encourage Wildlife  

Few things can invoke a sense of calm quite like the simple pleasure of watching birds, bees, and butterflies as they flutter and buzz nearby. As insects and other wildlife emerge from their winter hibernation this spring, you can encourage them to visit your space by growing pollen-rich native plants. Even on an inner-city balcony, you can nourish hungry birds by hanging feeders full of nuts and seeds. They’ll repay the favour by filling the air with the soothing sounds of their beautiful birdsong all throughout spring. We have a new selection of wild flower seeds which will attract all the bees and insects you could wish for.

And…, Relax

Most importantly of all, you’ll need a comfortable place to enjoy your tranquil garden. Make sure you include a cosy nook, a comfy bench, or a totally chilled-out lounger somewhere so that you can fully immerse yourself in all its serene splendour at this year time of the year.