For the love of our garden

Whatever outdoor space you call your own,
plants and gardening can be a natural part
of your city life.

Available in store, our seasonal collection of outdoor plants are sourced from the finest British growers. We present a wide variety plants that offer seasonal colour and year-round interest. Each delivery is closely checked to ensure only the best quality plants are offered for sale:

Herbaceous perennialsour selection changes weekly
Climbers, young and mature for vertical interest
Shrubs that provide structure to gardens or screen for privacy
Olive and ornamental fruit trees
Bedding plants for instant colour
Citrus trees in a range of lemon, lime and orange varieties
British grown herbs for window boxes and beds
Outdoor pots (terracotta, metal, fibre glass and ceramic)
Compost in a range of sizes and planting needs from growing seeds to repotting.

Louise Alhadeff, outdoor plant director at N1 and W6 and her team of plant specialists, work in close collaboration with selected nurseries to ensure the quality of all plants. To make sure our customers get the quality they’ve come to expect, every plant delivery is checked upon arrival.


Pots & Planters