Cold weather care for houseplants

We lovingly look after the plants we stock and keep them happy until they are ready to move to their new homes. But when the weather changes, so does the care advice we give to our customers… Many houseplants originate from the tropical regions of the world and are used to high temperatures. In the colder months, room temperature drops, and this can cause problems for the plants in our home – a room thermometer can show you just how cold your home can get, especially at night. To keep your houseplants healthy, read our guide to cold weather care below.

Environmental stresses

Every plant has a minimum temperature it can tolerate – many can comfortably go down to 10c for short periods without showing signs of stress providing they are not sitting in water. Cold, draughty window sills are not suitable for tropical plants and as the temperature drops at night, plants should be moved to a less chilly position. Being trapped in the cold space between a window pane and a curtain can be fatal for many houseplants.

Although central heating is essential at this time of year, radiators can dry out the air. Most tropical plants will not thrive in these conditions, but an early morning mist with water will help to mitigate against the effects of dry air. A cool, unheated room is perfect for Mediterranean plants such as Citrus as well as potted bulbs and Cyclamen.


Watering your houseplants

As winter draws in, plants stop growing and watering should be adjusted accordingly. Plants in warmer rooms need watering more regularly, but always check the sails condition first before watering. Do not allow plants to sit in water. Short regular bursts of water are not as good as a thorough drink.

Let them see light

When daylight hours dwindle, plants get less and less of the natural light they need to stay healthy, so move your plants to the brightest position in your home during the day.


Feeding of all plants, unless they are flowering, should cease in the winter months and begin again in March.

Purchase from a reputable retailer

Plants grown commercially are used to very warm conditions. Even the shortest period outside or a cold car journey home from the shops can damage them. Make sure you purchase your houseplants from a reputable, preferably indoor, retailer that gives plants the care they need. Get them wrapped up so that you can transport them safely from the harms of cold air.

Top 5 Tips for caring of your houseplants in Winter

  1. You might need to change positioning of your plants depending on temperature & draughts. A bright windowsill in Summer might be too chilly for plants on cold Winter nights, especially tropical plants that require constant heat.

  2. Adjust and reduce watering your houseplants. You might not need to water if the soil is moist, (species dependent) and you must not let your plants sit in water!

  3. Keep your plants in the brightest position in your home during the day.

  4. Wait until Spring to feed your plants! You should only feed your plants if they are flowering

  5. If transporting plants in Winter – keep them wrapped up & warm